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twitterTwitter, the addictive message service that connects the world of users with 140 character at a time.  Thanks to the superb minds behind twitter the likes of Evan Williams for helping us to answer the question what are you doing? Twitter has become a vital connector for people and communities.  In fact it helps companies to update their status to the intended audiences.  In comparison with the legacy branding utilities tweeter helps you to choose and control your listeners, their home page is loaded with your tweets along with list of other tweets they follow.

Some of the user comments about tweeter and it is usage are,
Nicole Ahn

Twitter definitely is a great example of websites going further than what is available. Twitter proves to be beyond just a status update website, but more of a community of users who are informing one another of what is going on around them. It’s amazing to see networking among people, twitter working within the society, and the public being affected by what goes on on the internet.

Michele Lorito-Chase

To catch a glimpse of shared knowledge at one’s own speed, to share knowledge with those who desire to obtain it, a platform that facilitates collaborative thinking for creative genius, for brands to give without a price tag, to build an unprecedented global network to share with and grow-Evan Williams is a pioneer who’s contribution will open up different territories for even greater contributions.

Husnia Karimi

i do think the same that Twitter is one of many social media tools what i think that some of us using it as a fun tool and some using it as a connecting with each other, in the end of the day is the way you are useing this tool.

Hence proved, A powerful tool to update your status, your post, your thought, your feel, your understanding, your xyz. Twitter proved to be a powerful tool for bloggers. Usage of Tweet me, Tweet this plug-ins with wordpress helps you to update yous post publishes to twitter and hence to all you followers. It works as a SEO tool too. It works as a ping tool too, but only your followers are updated.
Extracting the full usage of twitter involves few easy to follow step by step approach. Come back here to get more guidelines on twitter.

  1. Choosing a right Twitter template
  2. How to design your Twitter background image
  3. How to use plug-ins like tweet this, tweet me with your Blogs
  4. Enhancement for your Blog
  5. Enhancement for your brand identity
  6. Following, Follower strategy
  7. Use of Social monitoring tools for your tweets
  8. Monitoring your twitter behavior

Follow up for contents on these area.

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4 Responses to “A must Know for Bloggers Twitter”

  1. Jefrey

    A classy invention in social networing twitter has more to offer. Twitter has moved to this stage not only because of the brgiht minds of twitter but also the users who founf the real usefullness with the feature it offeres.

    Looking forward to your tweets and blog posts. Who are those people commening about twitter, tell about them too.

  2. That is very true, We the real users have used the in every possible ways to give the grid of success to twitter. Those people are normal people commented about twitter, in one of the video site i have referred. http://ted.com/

  3. Andy

    Twitter has become more of 140 character advertiser than status updater. More plugins and tiny urls are driving them. Looking forward to more updates on this regard

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