Blog Tips: Let Your Facebook Work for Blog

Every blogger wants to have more reader, but not many could find a best workable tips to achieve greater readership. With this blog post i will be talking about one of the best way to expose your blog for loads of readership. This post on blog tip will not only help you  to increase readership but also achieve greater consistency over time.

Not is FB but blogging, Shame on you! Those of you who blog but do not have have facebook profile with regular update, stopping reading this, Access FB first. FB is a very big avenue to place your opinions in to. Following stats are the eyeopeners for you. Every blogger should be in FB and all your blog posts should be in FB because,

  • FB hold more than 500 million active users
  • There are over 900 million objects that people interact with
  • since social plugins launched in April 2010, an average of 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day
  • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month
  • more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites
  • There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products

For More recent stats go to Facebook Stats page

Now the big question is how will i make bu blog and Facebook profile to talk to each other. They speak different language how would they communicate and correlate?

WordPress has some amazing plug-ins to ease your job. My pick is “Facebook Comments for WordPress“. This plugin integrates the Facebook commenting system (new, old or both) right into your blog site comment section. If a reader is logged into Facebook while viewing any comment-enabled page or post, they’ll be able to leave a comment using their Facebook profile. Plugin page:

Using this plugin you can have,

  1. Like button
  2. FB comments by logged in users
  3. option to share it in FB

Interaction between any website to facebook required application Id and application secret key. Getting an app Id and secret key is simple too Go to click on setup and application submit your domain name URL in the website section. Copy the app ID and key configure them in plugin settings page.

How Facebook will help you to improve Blog readership?

Whole internet world is going towards Social Networking Sites, These platforms offer best sharing mechanism. Your blog post around your friends/contact circle has better chance of getting shared. Every link sharing is additional readership to you. Every like and comment from Facebook is permanent and it will help to have better trust.

Publish all your blogs in your FB profile and keep it rolling. There is a way to configure facebook for automatic automatic post updates in Notes section. This will be published in my next posts.

Keep Blogging and Sharing.

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